General Secretary of UPU Hussain, Secretary-general of ITU Zhao Houlin and Director of State Post Bureau Ma Junsheng Visited NJUPT


On the afternoon of November 28, Mr. Bithar Hussain, general director of the international bureau of UPU, Mr. Zhao Houlin, secretary-general of ITU, and Mr. Ma Junsheng, secretary of the party group and director of the state post bureau paid a visit to our school.

During the visit, they displayed a shared vision by saying that ‘We hope that Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications will consistently cherish the characteristics of 'post' and 'telecommunication' as the foundation of the school, and provide more talents and scientific researches for the development of the post industry. Together, we will work cooperatively to ensure the integrated development of all peoples in the new era.’

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