NJUPT’s new ranking by US News 2020


According to the US News 2020 ranking, our university ranks the 85th among universities in the mainland of China.

On October 22, US News (American News and World report) released the 2020 World University ranking,1,500 well-known universities from 81 countries/regions were shortlisted. There were 233 Chinese universities. Our university ranks at 941st in the world university rankings 2020 (1060th in 2019) and 85th in the mainland of China (96th in 2019).In the latest Engineering ranking list of the world universities in 2020 released by US News, our university ranks 471st in the world (556th in 2019) and 67th the mainland of China (73rd in 2019).The comprehensive strength of our school has improved significantly.




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