Soro Davlatova won the first prize of Intercultural Communicative Competition of Jiangsu Universities among the International Student Group

文章来源: 海外教育学院、外国语学院 发布时间:2019-11-22浏览次数:829

On November 20th, the second “Waijiaoshe Cup” Intercultural Communicative Competition of Jiangsu Universities was held in Yangzhou University, co-sponsored by the Jiangsu Provincial Higher Education Foreign Language Teaching Research Association, Jiangsu Provincial Translation Association, Jiangsu Foreign Languages Association and Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press. After a fierce rematch and finals, Solo Davlatova, one senior student majored in Business Administration from Tajikistan, instructed by teacher Liu Juanjuan, was awarded the first prize of the International Student Group.

The preparatory work for the preliminary contest of this competition was launched in September, and then it was confirmed that Soro Davlatova would participate in the international student group on behalf of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications. In October, after the expert jury of the organizing committee of the competition, from the five aspects of the content-- language expression, fluency, comprehensive impression, time control, a video of Zheng He’s Voyage to the West recorded by Soro Davlatova was advanced to the next round. On November 20th, in the rematch, after careful guidance from Teacher Liu and the help of the team members, Soro Davlatova performed well in the cross-cultural video through case presentation and analysis, on-site Q&A and open-ended questions. In the final finals, after a quick answer and a cross-cultural case review, Soro Davlatova finally won the first prize of the International Student Group.

This competition is aimed at examining students' ability to analyze and solve problems in a multicultural environment and in a cross-cultural context. In the context of the “The Belt and Road Initiative”. The competition enhanced the cross-cultural awareness and communication skills of college students, and improved the cultural exchanges and mutual understanding of the people in the countries along the line of the silk road.


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