Professor Wang Qin's Team Makes a Significant Breakthrough in Combining AI and Quantum Cryptography


Recently Dr. Wang Qin, a professor of the Institute of Quantum Information Technology (IQIT) in our school (Nanjing University of Posts and Communications, NJUPT in short) has made a breakthrough by firstly applying the Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) of AI to the field of Quantum Cryptography Control System, which realizes the active feedback and control of the system and improves the transmission efficiency to 20 percent without introducing additional hardware and assistant stabilization device. The research results are published on the Physical Review Applied, an authorized academic journal of the American Physical Society.

The combination of AI and Quantum Cryptography can be applied to random Quantum cryptography protocol or coding system, and serves the large-scale Quantum communication network in the future by providing new research ideas and application methods.

Map of the apparatus used in the experiment

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