Professor Wu Qiang from Northumbria University Delivered an Academic Report at NJUPT


Recently, Professor Wu Qiang from Northumbria University in the United Kingdom came to our university to give an academic report. Relevant principals, several young teachers,graduate students and some graduate students of the School of Materials Science and Engineering attended the reportmeeting.

Professor Wu Qiang gave an excellent report entitled High Sensitivity Optical Fiber Sensor and its Applications. Focusing on the applications of optical fiber sensor and its Bio-chemical gas sensing, the report introduces the typical structure ofsingle mode-multimode-single mode fiber interferometer, based on which a new structure of optical fiber sensor is designed. Combined with other optical fiber components, such as fiber Bragg grating and long period grating, new all-fiber components are produced, such as refractive index sensor and filter of coarse wavelength division multiplexing communication system; they are used in new applications including biological and chemicalsensing.

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