The Winding Down Hours


Home isn’t always where the heart is.

The Taylors haven’t spent this much time together in years. But with their mother gone and the tendrils of dementia slowly entwining their father, the three siblings have one last chance to relive their idyllic youth while packing up the family home. Life isn’t as simple as when they were children, however, and missteps of the past have driven them irreconcilably apart. Only Mason, the middle Taylor, is determined to mend the fractures before the weekend ends and their time on the Cape is done.

A story of the common hopes, trials and disappointments of family life – and just how difficult acceptance can be.

After honing his craft writing horror novels the likes of Bone White, a 2015 Top 20 pick by Horror Underground, author Tim McWhorter turned to writing compelling fiction about a more commonplace subject: aging parents and sibling dysfunction. Ten years in the making, The Winding Down Hours establishes McWhorter as a sensitive and versatile author who can touch the common threads of our lives.





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